What Sets Us Apart

At our orthodontic practice, we work hard to treat our patients the same way we would like to be treated: with respect, professionalism, and sensitivity towards your needs. We understand the expectations of the patients and families we serve, and we do everything we can to make sure that each patient has an exceptional experience at our practice.

As a team we promise to:

  • Do a good job! From the moment you enter our practice we want you to feel comfortable, welcome, and appreciated. We are here for you and it's our goal to build your trust in us so that we can help you smile.  Dr. Kathleen Tavarez considers it her personal obligation to provide her patients with best orthodontic treatment and results possible.
  • Be efficient with your time and money. We know that you have a busy schedule and we don't think that your appointments should interfere with your life. All of our appointments are appropriately scheduled so that you will spend less time in the reception room and dental chair and more time out enjoying the things that make you smile.
  • Provide an office environment that is friendly, inviting, and professional. Your comfort is important to us and because we work with patients of all ages, we recognize that each person who visits our practice has unique needs and expectations. We have many incentives to help make your treatment fun, healthy and effecient! T bucks can be earned to purchase various gift cards and other items. Use this form at your next dental cleaning to earn extra T bucks!
  • We look forward to working with you and to being a part of this wonderful, life-changing experience.  Our office motto is "Live Life Smiling" and we want to provide you with that smile.

Please feel free to contact our practice and schedule a complimentary orthodontic consultation. Your lifetime of happy smiles starts here!