Virtual Appointments for patients in treatment

Tavarez Orthodontics offers virtual appointments for our growth and observation, braces, aligner and retainer patients.

Dental Monitoring - the future of beautiful smiles

You need clinical expertise and oversight for your orthodontic treatment and you want to stop missing school and take less time off of work!

Now you can connect with Tavarez Orthodontics just by using your cellphone. You can now see Tavarez Orthodontics team to get a check on status of your treatment and keep on your way to your healthy and beautiful smile without leaving the house or office.

Stay connected

Choose your most convenient day and time for Tavarez Orthodontics to check your smile progress from home, work, or school, while traveling or on vacation.

You have peace of mind your braces or aligners are working properly, when you digitally connect to Tavarez Orthodontics. We are checking your smile by reviewing your photos and our sophisticated and private Dental Monitoring software is providing a digital second-look to make sure everything is tracking in your braces or aligner treatment.

This means the convenience of less visits to the office but the comfort of knowing we are monitoring your treatment every week!

Office visits

Though you won’t need to come in as often, (we miss you!) we will be seeing you throughout your treatment with your Dental Monitoring check-ins. When we need to see you, we have two convenient locations with offices in Menlo Park and San Carlos.

Treatment time

Convenience of remote visits with Dental Monitoring also gives you a shorter treatment time.


Tavarez Orthodontics will monitor your encrypted photos weekly using dental monitoring and catch corrections sooner, therefore you move you through your braces or aligner treatment more efficiently and quickly.

Choose your most convenient date and time for an online consultation Tavarez Orthodontics. It’s time to “Live Life Smiling!”